Seeds of The Baron

The Baron Jean-Vincent de St. Castin was a secretive Saucerer. The leader of an underground society in France solely dedicated to the conjuring of fine sauces, his expertise sprang from his love of exotic spices and peppers. Famous for having the most magnificent of succulent sauce recipes, with an aroma that could leave a man dazed and the taste couldn't be topped. In 1666 the Baron was unfortunately ousted from the League of Saucerers, after one of his sauce pots exploded, macing nearly half the town. In fear of being exposed, the League banished the Baron from ever brewing sauce again, a move that would eventually lead to the demise and loss of the art of Saucery. Unable to live without practicing his craft, St. Castin fled to the New World, in hopes of escaping peppery persecution. With the New World came new challenges, and without the proper access to the exotic ingredients he needed, the Baron was never able to craft his signature sauce again. Many believed that with his passing in 1707, also went the recipe that so many coveted. . . A loss felt around the world.

In hopes of revitalizing the lost art, The Maine Saucery was formed, and with it came the study of the legendary Baron Jean-Vincent de St. Castin. In reading through his last entries before his passing a secret message was discovered, that lead to a secret recipe, lost for over 300 years. After years of trial and error, we are proud to bring you the Barons Blaze, based on the original recipe perfected so many years ago, it’s a truly historic hot sauce, dedicated to the man who once changed the art of sauce making. Taste the history, revel in the flavor!

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